Our Red Rocks Surprise

After a night in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado over Memorial Day weekend, as we began to make our way back to the Denver area, we came up on the well-known Red Rocks, and amphitheater.  This was much to my surprise as I wasn’t expecting we would get to see this landmark, but little did I know, I would be even more surprised as we decided to turn in and venture up to the venue.  Slaed being a Colorado native (growing up near Golden) has been to numerous concerts at the Red Rocks.  For me, it was a travel wish list item.  Curious to see what we’d find since the road was open, we crept our way to the top, popped Bergen out of his car seat and into the Bjorn, and walked to the entrance.  They actually let us in!

Later that evening there would be a concert, but for now we were free to explore.  Once we traveled the walkway to the stage and seating, we discovered dozens of people.  Some were like us: snapping photos of the view and beautiful rocks.  (Not only can you see the obvious (red rocks), you can also see the Denver skyline.)

The others were actually using the amphitheater as their health club/gym! Serious runners, stairclimbers, and fitness junkies were using the steps for their workout.  I was so impressed.

Besides admiring the exercisers, we were also able to walk around inside where there is information and history about the venue along with a gift shop, of course.  Slaed’s favorite part though was the huge listing of each and every concert held at the Red Rocks complete with dates.  He couldn’t help but go through and list off all that he’d attended.  It was quite a list.  He should be proud, and it brought back a lot of fun memories and stories for him to share.

I hope my next visit to the Red Rocks is for a concert, but I also wouldn’t mind getting to explore the amphitheater more as a park too.  Maybe I’ll even act like a native and bring my running shoes next time.

Info to Know:

  • For information on exercising at the Red Rocks Amphitheater check out this link.
  • Admission to the park is free, and hours vary depending on the seasons.  Check here for more info including maps and directions.
  • Elevation is 6,450 feet so plan accordingly!
  • Guided tours happen everyday at 10am.
  • Looking for lunch or dinner before or after your visit? Check out The Morrison Inn (in Morrison, CO), and sit on the back deck.

5 thoughts on “Our Red Rocks Surprise

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