Walk Portland

Walking continues to be a favorite pastime for our family, and is (obviously) one of the best ways to explore a place, new or old. While this was months ago, we had quite an adventurous walk in Portland, Oregon after getting off the train from Seattle.

First, we ditched the stroller for the ergo.  This was an easy choice after initially trying to navigate the crowded outdoor market.  The stroller can be great.  It gives you a place for your little one, and a place for all your stuff too.  However, it’s not so great when it actually slows you down waiting for gaps to appear in the mass of people.  It also makes it difficult to get in and out of places.  Opening doors while attempting to push the stroller inside…I just can’t make it look graceful.

To fuel our journey, we braved the line (not too bad, just a block long) to visit the world famous Voo Doo Doughnut shop.

Slaed went with the classic Voo Doo Doll Doughnut (filled with raspberry jelly), while I stuck to my favorite flavor combination (chocolate and peanut butter), and chose the Old Dirty Bastard.  The Old Dirty Bastard features chocolate frosting piled with oreos, then drizzled with peanut butter sauce.

Filled with Voo Doo goodness, it was on to the waterfront to take in the views of the Willamette River. As I learned the following day, walkers, joggers, runners (me), cyclists, etc. can enjoy the trails that run along the river on either side.

After exploring Old Town/Chinatown just for a bit, we were ready for lunch.  Sticking with our love of breweries (see another Oregon favorite), we wandered into Deschutes and found ourselves yet another kid & adult-friendly establishment.

In addition to making everyone happy with the atmosphere, we landed two delicious beers, and another perfect food combination.

Grilled Pear and Goat Cheese

Elk Burger with Guyere

Continuing to enjoy this amazingly beautiful and warm day, we crossed over the freeway, we made our way to the Northwest District (or Alphabet District or Nob Hill, also home to “trendy third”).

A view from Wallace Park

So many folks out and about enjoy the warm sunshine

Cherry Blossoms along 23rd.

Back at Wallace Park, we met up with friends (Portland residents), and decided to let them take over our walking tour. They led us to the not far, Washington Park where we explored the Rose Garden, Amphitheater area, and of course indulged Bergen in his favorite past time these days: swinging.

Working hard to climb the slide

Bergen’s buddies

No blooms in April, but come summer, I’m sure it’s glorious.

Having worked up an appetite for yet another meal.  The 7 of us headed to McMenamin’s Tavern & Pool.  Another great family choice.  Food was good.  Beer was better. The best though was capping the night off with a delicious truffle at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe.

Finally…a quiet walk back “home” to our hotel with Bergen nodding off in the ergo.  Portland.  Our lovely neighbor to the South.

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