Half Marathon Adventure: Rundown and Week 4

A quick rundown & plan for week for as I am already late in posting both!

Goal is in bold.  What I actually accomplished is below the goal.

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen: Plan to do the strength routine from “another mother runner“, then the yoga pose sequences from “My Yoga Life“.  I’m hoping if I keep it simple, then I’ll actually do what I planned!

Did the strength routine & the yoga poses!  Both are just the thing for this “stretch & strengthen” day.  The strength routine (just 6 exercises) provides exercises that can easily be done in your home, but  they are super challenging.  One of the 6 is the plank pose, which you are encouraged to increase by 5 seconds each time. Tough stuff.

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run: Plan to run 3. 5 miles with Bergen (and hopefully Norman) mid-morning.  Will better align the run with nap time.

Ran 3.5 miles with B & Norm.  Not a peep from Bergen.  He was much happier today, and took a nice snooze as Norman and I ran our “Madison Park” loop.

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross-training: What else? Total Strength cardio class at the Y.

Another great cardio/strength class at the Y.

Thursday: 3.5 mile run: Plan to run 3.5 with early-morning run with B & again, hopefully Norman. Strength routine in the afternoon.

Ran 3. 5 in the rain with just Norman while B took a nap & hung out with Dad.  He was NOT happy even with his cute doggie rain jacket. Guess I need to think twice before inviting him to come along in the rain again. I was practically dragging him home.

Friday: Rest!

Plenty of rest as I packed and prepared for Portland.

Saturday: 40 minute cross training: We are off to Portland for a quick trip via train, and I expect to do lots of walking around the city as we will be car-less.

Definitely more than 40 minutes of walking as we packed as much as we could into a quick Portland weekend.  We walked from Downtown to the Pearl, to the Alphabet District, and then up to Washington Park.  Then back downtown.

75 degree temperatures & Blue Skies

Sunday: 5 mile run: 5 mile run! Can’t wait! Will do this after we return from Portland.

With Slaed’s encouragement, I actually did an early morning run along the Waterfront Park/Esplanade.  This turned out to be a great decision because the train left the station 45 minutes later than schedule, and we were delayed due to bridge difficulties along the way. This was the first time in a long time that I actually ran by myself.  No Bergen. No Norman. Just me and the trail.

Plan for Week 4!

Monday: Stretch & Strength: Did the strength routine from “another mother runner“, then the yoga pose sequences from “My Yoga Life“.

Tuesday:3.5 mile run: Ran 3.5 with Norman.  He seems to be back in his running shape & it wasn’t raining, so he was happy!

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross-training: Plan to do the Cardio Strength class at the Y.

Thursday: 3.5 mile run +strength: Plan to do an afternoon run.  This will be a busy day, so I’ll need to schedule carefully to make sure I fit it in. I also want to map out a new route as I’ve down the same 3.5 mile run 3 times in a row!

Friday: Rest: Hurray!

Saturday: 40 minute cross: Family walk around the neighborhood.

Sunday: 5 mile run: Running the Top Pot Doughnut Dash 5K! Here’s where I’m torn.  After the race, should I continue on, and complete my 5 miles, or should I just stop and bask in my 5 K glory, and enjoy the post-race doughnuts provided by top pot? Tell me what I should do!

Your thoughts:

5 miles vs. 5K?

What has been your experience with the plank challenge? I want to hear about it!

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9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Adventure: Rundown and Week 4

  1. My thought is that you should play it by ear and how fast your 5K time is.You can treat it like a speed work-out day and call it a day. But, if you feel strong and you weren’t as fast as you wanted, go for 5! Happy running!

    • Now that sounds like a plan! 🙂 Besides doughnuts, I’m trying to fill up on lots of fruits & veggies, and good carbs.Plenty of protein too. I do feel like I’m always hungry though. I’m thinking I need to try your lasagne!

  2. Would love to hear how the 1/2 marathon ended up going for you! I’m actually running the 2nd half of the SF Marathon tomorrow – eek! With a 3.5 year old and a 1 year old, my training strategy was to get out at 6am on weekdays so I could be back by 7am before the kiddos woke up – weekends were the long runs, so usually 7a-9a or so and my husband had to deal with breakfast on his own 🙂 Training with a stroller is tough!

    • Thanks for stopping by…the 1/2 marathon went really well! Baby & Dad cheered me on at about mile 6, and then were there at the finish. 🙂 My intentions were to post about all my training, but I think I got so busy with training, that I let the posting go. I finished in 2:05, which is a PR for me, so I was pretty happy! Kuddos to you for training with 2 kids, and getting up early and getting out there! I hope race went well for you today!

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