1/2 marathon adventure: week 3

It’s week 3* of my half marathon adventure, and the miles are increasing.  The long run is 5 miles this week, which I am ready to do.  I’m repeating my goal from last week with strength training.  I will do it after my run on Thursday! It seems that variety is working for me, so I”ll also map out a different 3.5 mile run for Tuesday & Thursday.

If you read the rundown from yesterday, then you heard about poor Norman, and his leg/foot.  I think I did a number on him as he’s not completely healed, and still a little unsure of himself as he frolics around in the backyard.  I feel horrible.

Norman's war wound.

Norman, the trooper

Plan for Week 3:

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen: Plan to do the strength routine from “another mother runner“, then the yoga pose sequences from “My Yoga Life“.  I’m hoping if I keep it simple, then I’ll actually do what I planned!

Tuesday: 3.5 mile run: Plan to run 3. 5 miles with Bergen (and hopefully Norman) mid-morning.  Will better align the run with nap time.

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross-training: What else? Total Strength cardio class at the Y.

Thursday: 3.5 mile run: Plan to run 3.5 with early-morning run with B & again, hopefully Norman. Strength routine in the afternoon.

Friday: Rest!

Saturday: 40 minute cross training: We are off to Portland for a quick trip via train, and I expect to do lots of walking around the city as we will be car-less.

Sunday: 5 mile run: 5 mile run! Can’t wait! Will do this after we return from Portland.

Look for a rundown on Sunday.

*week 1, week 2

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What do you do for strength training as a runner? Leave a comment below. 


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