the rundown: week 2!

Sending out my goals to the world again proved to be just as motivating for week 2.  Part of it is also, of course, just making a plan in general.  With a little person around to take care of, it’s important for me have goals for the day, otherwise I’ll get totally distracted, and wrapped up with feeding, playing, cleaning up, and on and on.  Another realization I came to this week is how helpful it is to share my training goals with Slaed.  Just another person to keep me honest, and support me, and oh, take care of Bergen while Norman and I run!

The goal is in bold.  What I actually accomplished is below. 

Monday: Stretch & Strengthen: Plan to do a cardio strength class at the Y, and then lots of stretching when I get home.  I think the sequence found here will be perfect.  It’s from the blog, “my yoga life“.  Hal Higdon has some great stuff on stretching here too.

Cardio Strength class at the Y. Similar to my Wednesday class with a little more cardio than strength.  This may not be the best class for my stretch and strengthen day.  It’s technically supposed to be more of a rest day because of the long run on Sunday, so I’m thinking it’s a bit too much cardio.  I did manage to do the stretching sequence, but it wasn’t right after class when it would have been most beneficial.  The poses complement the running well, and seem to stretch exactly the right muscles. I need to spend more time in them though.

Tuesday: 3 mile run: Plan to do a DIFFERENT (than last week) 3 mile run with B & Norman mid-morning.

Ran 3 mile with B & Norman.  As I checked out new routes using “map my run”, I mapped out a loop run with a mile and a half or so being through our beautiful Arboretum.  It was beautiful indeed, however Bergen didn’t seem to agree as he fussed and cried for 2 out of the 3 miles, even with a break for eating.  He’s not exactly liking his stroller these days.

B may have been fussy, but at least we got to enjoy everything in bloom at the arboretum.

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross-training: Plan to do my favorite cardio class at the Y.

Total Strength class at the Y was once again great fun. Our instructor mixed it up for us, and brought out steps, so we stepped away to her upbeat music selections.  I loved the steps because it added a new challenge, and I also felt like I was in one of those aerobic classes from the 80’s.  Some nice daydreaming…

Thursday: 3 mile run + strength: Plan to do an early morning run with B & Norman AND this easy strength training routine thanks to “another mother runner“.

3 miles with Bergen and Norman (same arboretum loop as Tuesday).  This time B did not fuss nearly as much as Tuesday.  I think I managed to time the run to coincide with nap time: much better. However, he’s still not completely content in the stroller.  I think he’d rather be out exploring.

I don’t know what it is…didn’t do strength training AGAIN. I kept thinking about it, but just didn’t get around to it. I need to get the exercise ball out from the basement, and the hand weights out of the closet.  Maybe seeing the equipment will get me going.

Friday: REST!

A whole lot of resting was going on at our house. I came down with a cold and was not up for anything.

Saturday: 30 minute cross: Plan to do an early morning walk around the neighborhood with the whole family.  We will probably walk for at least an hour though.

2 different 30-minute walks with the family both the Bergen in the ergo.  Does that count as strength training?

Sunday: 4 mile run:  Plan to run with Norman.  I’ve mapped out a pretty hilly route, but I’m excited for the challenge.

Ran 4 miles with Norman.  The uphill was tough, but it felt so good to get to the top.  Part of the run was along Lake Washington, and since it was such a beautiful day, lots of other runners and cyclists were out.  Fun to watch, and feel the comradery.  I’m a little worried about Norman though.  As we were running past a dog who was fenced in his yard, Norman darted in front of me, and I stepped (or ran) on his poor back foot.  He limped for a little bit and didn’t want to put weight on it, but then was able to walk it off.  This was just in the first mile.  He was able to pull through, and we obviously finished the run, but it seems like it’s bothering him a little bit tonight. I’m hoping I wasn’t too hard on my favorite running partner.

10 weeks to go! Look for my week 3 training plan tomorrow.  You can keep track of all of our running adventures here.

Jogging Stroller tips (to make it more fun for baby)? Please share!

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