the rundown: week 1!

Last week, I shared my training plan for week 1 of my preparation for the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon.  I’m excited to share my “rundown” with you.  I must say, blogging my training plan proved to be hugely motivating.  Whenever any thoughts of veering away from my goals came to mind, I was able to quickly refocus because I knew I had to stay true to the plan.  I also knew that any excuse I came up with would seem silly.

Goal is in bold.  What I actually accomplished is below.

Tuesday: 3 mile run: I ran with Norman.

Ran 3 miles with Norman! A fairly straight forward out and back run. Pretty flat with just one small hill.

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross training: Plan to do a cardio class tonight at the Y.

“Total Strength” class at the Y.  It’s a mix of cardio and strength training.  This class makes me so happy. I love the  mix of people (men, women, young, old(er), etc.) who come, the music puts a smile on my face, and the instructor is so upbeat and positive.

Thursday: 3 mile run +strength: Plan to do an early morning run with B & Norman + push-ups & hand weight exercises.

Ran 3 miles with B & Norman! Same run as Tuesday.

Friday: Rest!: Perfect timing as we’ll be traveling to the coast for razor clamming.

Did lots of resting in the car. We had such a fun day of traveling to the coast. I’ll share more of our adventures later this week.

Saturday: 30 minute cross-training: It will be more than 30 minutes, but my cross training will be clam digging on the beach! I’ve heard using those “clam guns” is hard work.

Digging clams is hard work.  It’s also discouraging.  We caught very few clams…a combination of bad timing, and the clams not “showing” themselves. Lots of beach walking though!

Family of clammers

Sunday: 4 mile run: Plan do any early morning trail run with Norman around Cape Disappointment.

Ran {at least} 4 miles with Norman on the beach at Cape Disappointment State Park!  It felt great to take a break from “camp life” to run along side the ocean.  Beautiful views of the mountains too, and two lighthouses.

One of the two...

Norm's view

11 weeks to go.  I’m feeling great.  Look for my week 2 training plan tomorrow!


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