an easy hike with baby: glendale, az

While in the Phoenix area for a visit with Gramma, and Spring Training, we discovered a perfect, family-friendly hike.  Yes, we do a ton of walking; nearly everyday.  But it’s been a while since we’ve been on an actual hike, and this was probably our first “real hike” as a family.  To make this hike happen, I also discovered something else: how to wear Baby B on my back with the Ergo.  I love this option as a way to get around with B, and I think he really likes it too.  He is able to see more of the world, than in the front carry, and he’s also able to sleep if he should get tired on one of our outings.

Thunderbird Park, the location of our hike, is in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix.  Instead of our usual green of Western Washington, we experienced the brown of the Arizona desert.  We traded moisture for extreme dryness, and cool temperatures for what felt like scorching heat.  Being short on time and unsure of what Baby B would bring to the table, we made up our own route, cutting off from the original hike.  Looking at the park map, we entered by the amphitheater, took H-4 out, crossed over on H-4b, and made our way back on H-1.  Short, sweet, and just right given our conditions.

Our Journey:

Thunderbird Park

Gramma points out a bird’s nest.

beautiful (barrel?) cactus with hints of red…

I love the way the cactus’ sprinkle the scene

Judy (aka “Gramma” & I with B in the Ergo!

Slaed and I…can you spot any signs of Baby B?

Ouch! Be careful…

beautiful shade of green on the branches of these trees.

bright yellow blooms

a thirsty guy after all that tough hiking!

Info to know:

  • The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset.
  • The main entrance to the park is on 59th Avenue (between Deer Valley & Pinnacle Peak)
  • For trail information, visit the park website here.  There is good information about choosing the hike best for you (and your fellow hikers).
  • Be sure wear light clothing & SUNSCREEN, bring water, and have a hat to shade you from the sun.

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