next running adventure: rock n’ roll half marathon

my running buddies

With the help of Hal Higdon, and his training program, I officially begin training for the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon this week. I ran the Seattle Half Marathon in November of 2010 with his help, and I’m hoping I can be just as successful this time.  The Rock n’ Roll 1/2 should be tons of fun with live, local bands all along the course, lots of beautiful Seattle views, and hopefully some familiar faces cheering me on!  This will be my 3rd half marathon; first post-baby. I’m really excited about working toward this goal although I know it will be quite different with B around!   The program allows time to build up miles, time for rest, and time for cross and strength training; all important components for a successful race. I plan to keep track of and document a lot of my training here on the blog in hopes that I will stay motivated and honest with my goals.

This week’s Training Plan:

Tuesday: 3 mile run: I ran with Norman (done!)

Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross training: Plan to do a cardio class tonight at the Y.

Thursday: 3 mile run +strength: Plan to do an early morning run with B & Norman + push-ups & hand weight exercises.

Friday: Rest!: Perfect timing as we’ll be traveling to the coast for razor clamming.

Saturday: 30 minute cross-training: It will be more than 30 minutes, but my cross training will be clam digging on the beach! I’ve heard using those “clam guns” is hard work.

Sunday: 4 mile run: Plan do any early morning trail run with Norman around Cape Disappointment.

Look for a “rundown” of this week’s goals on Sunday!


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