a walking inspiration

My husband, B, and I are pretty active.  We like to think we get around without our cars a lot.  We walk, Slaed cycles, and I run.  We feel like we know our neighborhood well because of all this activity.  I also can’t leave out Norman the dog.  He’s a huge reason and motivation for our daily walks.  I thought we were doing pretty well until I read an article in the Seattle Times this morning.

Peggy Burns walks a lot more than we do, and she’s also a lot more focused than we are.  She has made it her mission to walk EVERY single street in Seattle proper.  Yes, every street.  She has kept track of the mileage, and so far since June 2010, she has walked over 1,150 miles.  She documents her journeys including photos, notes, and maps of each street covered on her blog: walkingseattle.blogspot.com.

I’m so impressed with her, and inspired by her story.  Inspired to possibly be more goal oriented in our walking; more focused.  While I can’t realistically make such a goal of walking every street in Seattle at this point in my life, I can make the goal of being more adventurous in our walking.  We tend to walk the same few routes; frequenting the same few coffee shops.  I’ve resolved to map out new walks.  I also like the idea of finding out the streets we have covered in our adventures around Seattle (by foot only) so far.  I’m sure there are areas we haven’t even come close to getting to know. There are hidden treasures and surprises waiting for us to discover them.  There are also hidden treasures and surprises that need to be photographed.

some treasures and surprises, we’ve discovered so far…

tons of windmills near green lake

beautiful lawn decorations near the international district

spring time in seattle


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