a baby food party!

Instead of our usual meeting last week, our mom’s group decided to pool our resources, and cooking expertise, and have a baby food making party! It allowed for some great discussion.  Some moms also brought books and recipes to share.  Even though our babies are all around the same age (from 6-7 months), we are all over the place in terms of starting our babies on solid foods.  Some were well into the process with their babies eating solids for over two months, some had dabbled in it here and there offering their baby bites from their own plate, and some had yet to begin their solids adventure.

Each member of our group chose a food to bring, cook, and share, and everyone brought containers to transport the delicious food back home.  One of our members lives in a large apartment building downtown, so we were able utilize her large common space, which of course includes a kitchen.  We took turns cooking, and watching the little ones as they enjoyed tummy time or napped.

a happy tummy timer

Some of the necessary tools included, several pots and pans, knifes, peelers, steam baskets,  a stick blender, and regular blender for easy pureeing.  This party was such a success as each of us ended up with 8 foods prepped and ready to be gobbled up by our babies.

The food: apples, pears, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini/carrot/apple mix, spinach, and not pictured a broccoli mixture.








Some of the foods, B was able to try right away (within a few days of each other).  I was happy to see he could tolerate carrots & green beans. Some we will wait a month or so, like the broccoli mixture, until he’s a bit older.  When we got home, I transferred the purees into ice cube trays for easy, ready to eat (after thawing) portions.

We hope to have another “party” in a month or so.  An easy, fun way to provide great nutrition.

Book Suggestions:

  • The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet by Karin Knight and Tina Ruggiero
  • Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair



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