baby adventure: The Movies

The movies with a baby? Really? Yes! Be brave.

We are (were) huge movie goers.  Especially around this time of year when the Golden Globes have been awarded, and the Oscar nominations are out.  We were very proud last year to have seen all 10 of the movies nominated for best picture.  Now with a baby, things are a little different.  We wait patiently for movies to come out on video, but there are some other options.  We might not be able to go as often as we used to, however it’s still possible once in a while.  There are two ways, and possibly a third if you are very brave.

The easiest option:  “Baby Movie Days” provide parents with the opportunity to view movies (usually first run) with their babies worry-free.  Babies and all of their accessories are welcome in the theater.  The lights are turned up a bit, and the sound to the movie is turned down a bit. Other parents and their babies are present, so their is no need to fret and run away if your baby becomes fussy.  If you live in the Seattle area, check out Mother’s Day Thursdays at Bellevue’s Lincoln Square, and Baby’s Day at the Movies at Kirkland’s Parkplace Cinema.  I’ve taken my little baby adventurer to Mother’s Day Thursdays at Lincoln Square twice now, and I’ve been able to enjoy a great movie while taking care of him both times.  They even provide “at your seat concession service”.

Next Option: A theater with a cry room allows you to view the movie in a nice little room with a door, which means little cries and coos most likely cannot be heard by other theater patrons.  If your baby is really worked up, those close to the back of the theater might be able to hear a little bit. The room also allows you to nurse your baby without the worry of on-lookers.  This is actually my favorite option because you have so much space.  I can spread all my baby supplies out ready for whatever B needs at the moment.  There is even room to lay a blanket on the floor for some tummy time play. Check your local theaters for cry rooms.  The cry room equipped theaters in Seattle that I know of are part of the Landmark Theaters, and include:  Guild 45th, the Varsity, and the Metro.  If you choose this option, make sure to arrive early.  You would hate to plan this great adventure, and then come to the theater to find the cry room snatched up by some other family.

Option for the Bravest Adventurers:  Go to your movie with your baby, and hope for the best! Depending on the temperament of your baby this could work.  We tried this very early on when B was about 5 weeks old.  We chose what we thought was an obscure movie in a large cinema, at an odd time of day (2 pm on a weekday).  Much to our surprise people actually go to the movies under those circumstances! B slept for about 30 minutes of the movie, woke up and fed, then started to fuss, so I had to leave and bounce him around in the ergo outside of the theater.  Once he composed himself, we were able to return, and I stood in the entry way…then I was able to sneak into a seat, and watched the rest of the movie peacefully. A couple of weeks ago, as I sat in the cry room of another theater, I saw a mom pull this off with no problem.  Slaed was sitting outside of the cry room, and said the baby didn’t make a peep!

Happy Movie Watching! Let me know how it goes…

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