10 free baby outings

When your goal is to get out of the house with the baby there are times when you want to do something, but you might not want to add another expense. Expenses are already adding up with the addition of this new little person. So here are some ideas where money can’t be an excuse to get going! Full Disclosure: I’m a huge nerd, so you may not enjoy or get a kick out of some of these things as much as I do!

1. Take a walk or drive to your nearest Trader Joe’s. You don’t need to buy groceries, but of course it is a grocery store, so that may happen. Either way, what I love about Trader Joe’s besides the great food and prices, is the daily demonstration cooking! I look forward to the special treat each time I visit, and as a bonus, they have fresh brewed coffee to go along with your tasty sample.

2. Visit the library. Libraries allow you to check out a ton a books! I know, I know, the last place you may want to take your baby is a quiet library, but it’ll be fine. You just have to time it a bit. Check your local library for programs too. Our library has a weekly baby story time (free!).

3. Check out local art walks in your community. These are great because if baby gets fussy in one location, you can leave, regroup, and move on to another shop. Not only do you get to check out and support the work of local artists, but many provide complimentary drinks and snacks!

4. While my husband and I (and the baby, of course) were out grocery shopping on a Saturday night and feeling sorry for ourselves, we stumbled upon a wine tasting! It was so easy and pressure free. Apparently, this occurs every Friday and Saturday night at the larger QFC’s in our area. Do a search for tastings in your neck of the woods.

5. You don’t have to go furniture shopping. You can go furniture looking. Awhile back we discovered a very special thing about one particular furniture store. In the middle of this HUGE furniture store (it’s 1/4 of a mile around), there is a complimentary snack bar including cookies, popcorn, and pop. If you live in Washington, it’s Mor Furniture, but there are other locations in California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and New Mexico. If you don’t live close to a Mor Furniture, there may be other furniture stores that do this same thing. Feeling like you filled up too much on popcorn and cookies? Take 4 laps around the store, and you’ve walked a mile!

6. Go to the farmer’s markets in your area. You don’t have to feel obligated to buy anything, though it’s a great thing to do. Everyone wants to sell their product, so they are willing to give away tons of free samples. Peruse the stalls and enjoy what your local community has to offer.

7. Just last weekend, we borrowed a friend’s Costco card to see whether or not it would be worth it to join. We decided it wasn’t for us, but I realized it’s another great free baby outing! Go around lunch time, and fill up on all the samples they have of their products. We were there on a Saturday, and in 30 minutes tasted at least 10 different things from drinks to veggie burgers,to chicken noodle soup.

8. Find a mom (or dad!) and baby exercise class. There are lots of options including yoga, stroller strides, and baby boot camps. Many of these classes offer a free introductory class allowing you to see if the program is the right fit for you. Take advantage!

9. Take a hike! Or a walk or run. Your neighborhood, city, and state are waiting to be explored. This is also a great time for baby to take a nap. My little guy sleeps so well in the stroller and carrier.

10. Visit a chocolate factory! On a walk around the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle, we came across the home of Theo Chocolates, a local Seattle chocolate company.  We were able to sample nearly every chocolate they had for sale, and that’s a lot of chocolate! And…you guessed…all for FREE.

Here’s little B on some of our free outings:

Golden Gardens Park

Wine tasting…

Fisherman’s Terminal

Volunteer Park Conservatory

Kubota Garden

Theo Chocolate Factory

That’s all for now. What other outings have YOU discovered?


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