baby adventure: Soccer Game

When I finally came out of a fully sleep deprived state (note: I can in no way claim I am getting tons of sleep, just more than the first weeks with baby B.), I wondered often…”What can I do with this little person…” or “What can I get away with doing with this little person“.  I plan to share many more of our “adventures”, but here is one of our first “big” outings:Seattle

Sounders Soccer game

We have the MLS here, and are huge fans of the Sounders. We didn’t want to be stopped from enjoying one of our favorite sports, so we packed Baby B up, and headed off the game.  We found it best to start with a day game (1pm on a Saturday to be exact).

We made sure to bring all the usual supplies for a newborn including a back-up bottle in the case that the usual methods did not work smoothly. We found that the easiest way to tote the baby around is with our Ergo carrier using the infant insert.  Also, just to be on the safe side, we purchased baby headphones to protect Baby B’s ears from the wild cheers, chants, and most importantly, the fireworks.  These were not exactly necessary, but a good precautionary item to have on hand.

We had a blast at the game, and were even able to meet up with friends during half-time.  You can do this too!  No Major League Soccer teams in your area? Check for club teams, development leagues, and don’t forget women’s teams.

We were very lucky to have B born during such beautiful weather.


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